Monday 30 January 2012


If you are looking for alternative as fixed deposit is giving a pathetic return of 3%+ and if factor in inflation, fixed deposit appears to give negative real return, then you may consider Malton-LA.

Malton-LA is a redeemable convertible secured loan stocks (RCSLS)

At 91sen, it gives at least double the return that of fixed deposit and it is a secured loan stock. (Refer "security" for more information).

It is a bonus if Malton goes above RM1 as the RCSLS can be converted into Malton anytime.

Part of the indicative principal terms of the RCSLS are as follows

Issue size: RM156,570,347 RCSLS at nominal value of RM1.00 per RCSLS

Tenure: 7 years

Coupon rate: 6% per annum, payable quarterly in arrears

Security: First legal charge over properties/land owned by Malton Group to be identified and whose aggregate market value shall be no less than RM186.0 million

Conversion period: Anytime

Conversion price: 1 RCSLS for 1 Malton share

Redemption schedule:

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