Monday 19 March 2012

Greenyield Berhad on BFM 89.9

One of the stocks in the portfolio "stocks that I like"

4000 acres of rubber plantation (1000 acres wholly-owned, 30% in JV with Melati Aman for the remaining 1000 acres).

1000 acres fully developed another 1000 acres completed middle this year.

Yield of rubber tree after the trees mature:
1st year 1.2 ton-1.3ton / hectare, subsequent years 2.2 ton – 2.4ton/ hectare

Revenue RM25000/ hectare/ year

6 years from planting before the trees start to yield

Capex: RM1-2 million on machinery RM1-2 million for mould, will increase the plant pot production capacity by 50%

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