Wednesday 31 October 2012

Reading vs Arsenal 5-7

This is neither about stock nor investment but somehow there are some similarities between stock investment and football such as excitement, upset, winner & loser, trend analysis, strategy, defensiveness :p

The match between Reading and Arsenal was too incredible not to blog...

1) A total of 12 goals in a match. 8 goals in 90 minutes
2) Arsenal, being one of the top teams gave away 4 goals in less than 40 minutes
3) Even it was 4 goals behind, Arsenal managed to level the score and overturned it into a win
4) Arsenal managed to level the score when the team was 2 goals down in the 89th minute.
5) Scored 2 winning goals in injury time in the extra time
6) 4 goals in injury time
7) Arsenal scored 7 goals in a game of 120 minutes
8) Arsenal scored in added time at the end of the first half, the second half and of extra time

Watch the video here

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