Sunday 11 November 2012

Power Industry in Malaysia

In 2009, energy contributed approximately RM16bn to GDP.

Power in Malaysia is mainly fuelled by natural gas and coal, which accounted for 92% of power production in 2009. Hydroelectricity or hydropower accounted for only 6.5% of power generation in 2009.

The total power generation capacity connected to the Malaysian national grid is 24gigawatts, with a maximum demand of about 17 gigawatts recorded in 2010.

6 gigawatts of new generation capacity is expected to be needed by 2020 to provide energy for business and the growing population, representing an increase of about 25% over installed capacity in 2009.

Currently, 58% of power generation in Peninsular Malaysia is based on natural gas, with the remainder coming from coal (37%), and hydro (5%).

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