Wednesday 1 May 2013

Why we should not UBAH government

Warning: This posting is strictly not for naive readers

We should be appreciative and vote for the present government because:

1. Under the present government, Malaysia is safe, secured and has low crime rate.

2. We have well-planned cities with smooth traffic on the roads. Driving is brisk. We hardly have traffic congestion, waste time on the road, lose productivity, get frustrated and become aggressive drivers which could very likely contribute to high cases of road accidents and road bullies. In case of emergency, ambulances are not trapped in jam. Find parking lot is not a problem. Ample car parks are provided. While having many tolled roads, people are not burdened as the government has been subsidizing the toll. The government is caring and yet humble not to claim any credit, knowing the subsidy is actually the tax payers' money.

3. Our government managed to attract major foreign investments such as Lynas and Raub Australian Gold Mining into Pahang, bringing rare earth and cyanide to our country.

4. Minimal corruption cases in Malaysia

5. Efficient bus network system. Singapore has about 3000 buses serving their citizens while in Klang Valley which has similar population, needs only 1000 buses to serve the people. How efficient we are. Our bus network is so well-planned that there is minimal or no direct buses connecting various townships in Klang Valley. One who is travelling from Cheras to PJ has to go to KL, then hop into another bus to get to PJ. We need not have direct bus from Cheras to PJ.

6. Singapore has many MRT stations well-integrated with bus terminal. We don't see that at our existing LRT stations and proposed MRT stations. Malaysia Boleh

7. Improving university rankings

8. Fresh graduates earnings good salaries. More than enough to make ends meet and so much spare cash to spend

9. We get free teh tarik from out water tap. People like countries like Singapore and Japan get only clean water.

10. Relationship among component parties of the government are so harmony. They are not racial  based and not protecting a particular race from the threats of other races... So 1Malaysia...

11. Government is so people centric that close to 5m households out of 6.7m households in Malaysia eligible for BRIM (earnings below RM3k)

12. Good ranking in press freedom (145th out of 179)

13. Good judicial system in Malaysia

14. Transparent and fair general election

15. We perform better that countries that are blessed with rich natural resources, natural tourist attractions, strategically located at the major shopping lane, free from major natural disasters.

16. Our country is cleaner than our neighbouring country.

17. We absorb foreign talents while our neighbouring country absorbs foreign labours.

18. Good law enforcement in Malaysia

19. The culture of "Boleh bincang?" "Boleh kau tim?" show how flexible we are resolving problems

20. "懒人多屎尿 " (loosely translated into lazy people frequent toilet more often) Public toilets are not built at some LRT stations as Malaysians are generally hardworking. We do not visit the toilet so frequent

21. Government well-educated the public not to litter, spitting in public places, indiscriminate parking

22. We have very professional, caliber, clean and humble MPs who have the people in mind all the time

23. Our sophisticated fighter jets fly without engines and submarine that can surface all the time

and more....

And yet you still want to UBAH government???


  1. yes, we should continue to support Mahathir-Najib Government so that we can continue to make tons of money selling at huge inflated prices to the Government - we are so happy to do business with the Government