Tuesday 16 April 2013

1Malaysia Charity Concert in Penang

One must have exceptional IQ to believe that the 1Malaysia concert to be held in Penang on 20 April is genuinely for charity purposes.

How much will it cost to get these overseas superstar to perform here and how much donation could be raised from the event?

If it is for charity purposes, why not donate the budgeted expenses directly to beneficiaries? Unless the donation to be collected exceeds the expenses required to organise the concert, which is unlikely the case since the minimum donation is only RM1 per person.

Who are so generous to spend such a huge amount of money without expecting something in return? It is a norm to see advertisements by corporate to create awareness of their sponsored concerts, events and CSR activities. Why are the corporate contributors of this charity concert so mysterious and not made known to the public?

Why is the concert in Penang? Is it another coincidence that charity concert take place so near to general election?

What is more fishy is that photocopy of IC has to be submitted to get the ticket.Have you been to any concert or charity events that required you to give them a copy of your IC?

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