Monday 26 August 2013

Water usage

Penang: 302 litres/ person/ day,
National average: 210 litres/ person/ day
United Nations recommendation: 50-100 litres/person /day

How to estimate water usage/ person/ day
1. Get the volume of water (m3) used from your month water bill
2. Multiply the volume (m3) by 1,000 to convert the volume into litre
3. Divide the volume (litre) by 30 days, then further divide by the number of people in your house to obtain water usage/ person/ day

1. My house uses about 13m3 per month
2. Volume in litre = 13 x 1,000 = 13,000 litres
3. 4 people in my house. Water usage/ person/ day = (13,000/ 30 )/4 = 108 litre/ person/ day

Be environmentally friendly

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