Sunday 23 February 2014

You "touch" the card, money "go"; You don't "touch" the card, money also "go"

Do not keep too many touch & go cards or store too much value in touch & go card if you rarely use it. You will be imposed RM5 every 6 months once it becomes dormant (no transaction/top up within 1 year). To reactivate your card, you need to pay further RM5.

You "touch" the card, money "go"
You don't "touch" the card, money also "go"

Dormant/Inactive Card
  • What is the definition of DORMANT or INACTIVE TOUCH 'n GO CARD?
    • Under the Terms & Conditions of Touch 'n Go card, an inactive card is defined as a card which has not had any Card Transactions by way of Add Value Transaction or which has not had any utilisation of its pre-paid balances with any Service Providers for a consecutive period of 12 months.
  • How to keep my Touch 'n Go card active?
    • Your card will remain active as long as you reload or use at least once a year.
  • What do I do if my Touch 'n Go card has been deactivated?
    • Please visit our counter to surrender your card and get back your unutilised card balance (subject to the terms & conditions)
  • Why TNGSB needs to deactivate dormant card?
    • There is quite a number of dormant or inactive Touch 'n Go cards in our system. These dormant cards have caused unnecessary load that prevent the system from operating optimally, thus affecting our service level to all active users. By deactivating these non-active cards, we will be able to streamline our system to improve system efficiency and to provide good services to all our customers.
  • Will there be a fee when a card is deactivated?
    • Once a card is deactivated, an ADMINISTRATION FEE of RM5.00 will be imposed immediately and deducted from the deposit or unutilised card balance.
    • In the event of a deactivated card continues to remain inactive, a MAINTENANCE FEE of RM5.00 will be charged and deducted from the said deposit or unutilised card balance once every six (6) months.
    • We will stop charging maintenance fee when the card is reactivated, returned for refund or until the deposit and card balance are depleted.
  • Why TNGSB imposes a deactivation fee and maintenance fee?
    • The deactivation and maintenance fees are to cover system maintenance and administration cost.
  • Why TNGSB imposes a maintenance fee once every six months?
    • This is to urge customers to quickly visit our counter to claim the unutilised card balance (subject to the terms & conditions).

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