Monday 30 June 2014

Senai-Desaru" Expressway"

This is part of Senai-Desaru between Cahaya Baru and Penawar. As can be seen from the photo above, it is a "single carriageway two-lane expressway", without divider in between.

Expressway is defined as:

- A wide road for fast-moving traffic, especially one in the US that goes through a city, with a limited number of places at which drivers can enter and leave it. (Cambridge)

- A highway designed for fast traffic, with controlled entrance and exit, a dividing strip between the traffic in opposite directions, and typically two or more lanes in each direction. (Oxford)

- A high-speed divided highway for through traffic with access partially or fully controlled (Merriam-Webster)

- A highway with several lanes (=lines of traffic) going each direction, built so traffic can travel at high speed for long distances. (Macmillan)

Are expressway users who pay toll being short-changed?


  1. You are taking a picture at the end of the strip of the expressway. Have you driven there? The Expressway is not just the bridge!

    1. It was mentioned in the article that this is part of Senai-Desaru between Cahaya Baru and Penawar, which is a two-lane single carriageway.

      It was the first sentence of the posting!

  2. Engineering enthusiast8 August 2014 at 09:00

    So you are suggesting of changing the name to this part of the highway?

  3. Do you think that stretch is fit to be called highway? And whether the users are charged at highway rate when it is not qualified as a highway?