Thursday 23 October 2014

Will the dual-listing of Tan Teng Boo's new global fund happen soon?

The CAGR of his funds since inception are as follows: (NAV): 13.42% (as of 15 October 2014)
icapital Global Fund: 4.29% (as of 30 September 2014)
icapital International Value Fund: 7.79% (as of 30 September 2014)

The proposed dual-listed global fund will be a new fund. (Source)

With the global fund and international fund performing less impressive than, will investors apply for the IPO of the dual-listed global fund, given a considerable discount to the NAV of has persisted for some time despite the fund achieving a reasoanble CAGR of 13.42%?

Will the dual listed fund be fully subscribed?

Will the dual-listing happen soon? It may or may not. I am inclined to think that the later is more likely the case.

It is said free warrants will be given as a sweetener. It will be interesting to see how the warrants narrow the NAV discount of and what entices investors to subscribe to the new dual-listing global fund.

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