Wednesday 11 February 2015

US, EU, UK, Australia and Canada concerned with Anwar’s sodomy verdict

The is the least I can do for my country and the people. Below are the official statements by the governments of US, EU, UK, Australia and Canada on the verdict.

You can click here to be directed to US White House website to sign the petition to make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia.

“The United States is deeply disappointed with Mr Anwar’s conviction following a government appeal of the original verdict finding him not guilty,” said Bernadette Meehan, a spokesperson of the US National Security Council. “The decision to prosecute Mr Anwar and the conduct of his trial have raised a number of serious concerns about rule of law and the fairness of the judicial system in Malaysia.” “These concerns are compounded by the government’s intent to expand its sedition law, which Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak had pledged to repeal, to prosecute government critics.”

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"The conviction and sentencing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim raises serious questions regarding due process of law. The European Union regards Malaysia as a key political and economic partner in South East Asia. In that spirit of partnership, the EU wishes to underscore that trust in the administration of justice is an essential component of the democratic process."


“His case raises worrying questions about the independence of the judiciary and rule of law in Malaysia. As such, we have consistently raised our concerns with the Malaysian government,” said the UK's Minister for Asia, Hugo Swire.


Julie Bishop issues strongly worded statement as Nick Xenophon calls for sanctions against Malaysia after opposition leader’s sodomy conviction upheld. Australia is “deeply concerned” that the conviction of the Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy has been upheld, the foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, has said, as the independent senator Nick Xenophon called for sanctions against Malaysia.In a firmly worded statement, Bishop said Australia was “disappointed” by the court’s decision to dismiss Anwar’s final appeal against the sodomy charge.“We are deeply concerned by the severity of the sentence and we have made our concerns known to the Malaysian government.” “As a friend of Malaysia, Australia encourages the Malaysian government to consider the impact of recent decisions, including the Anwar verdict and the retention of the Sedition Act, on its international standing and its commitment to human rights.”

Meanwhile, South Australian Independent senator Nick Xenophon was quoted as saying that the decision was “a travesty of justice”.

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“The conviction of Anwar Ibrahim is of deep concern to Canada. It raises serious questions about judicial independence and selective prosecutions in Malaysia. The rule of law is a core value and principle vital to the flourishing of democracy and the institutions of a peaceful and prosperous society. Mr. Anwar’s conviction also comes at a time when Canada and other countries have conveyed concerns regarding selective prosecutions in Malaysia, including under the Sedition Act. Canada values its long-standing and warm relationship with Malaysia, and we will continue to encourage Malaysia to apply the rule of law in a transparent and fair manner.”


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