Friday 28 September 2018

Online Submission of AGM Proxy Form

Kudos to!

At 2013 AGM, Icapital proposed amendments to the articles of association of the company to allow for appointment of proxies by electronic means. Subsequently, it allowed submission of proxy form via facsimile.

It is a much efficient way of submitting proxy forms compared with submission via mail or handing in the proxy forms personally. It saves time, money, frustration of getting stuck in traffic jam and chance of missing mail.

For the upcoming AGM, has taken a step further. It now allows submission of proxy forms via online system.

Tricor Online system (TIIH Online) Share owner proxy form be electronically lodged via TIIH Online (applicable for individual share owner only). The website to access TIIH Online is 

Tutorial on how to register as a new user (video download) is probably the first listed company in Malaysia to introduce appointment of proxies by electronic means.

What the Minority Shareholders Wacth Group (MSWG) and shareholders can do to make proxy form submission easier is to suggest the adoption of online proxy form submission at AGMs of other listed companies.

A listed company has done it with an established share registrar. Why not?

P/s: However, handling fee of RM5 chargeable for each e-lodgement of document could be a hindrance

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