Thursday 30 September 2021

Another capital protected grower scheme with a guaranteed yield of 18% to 50%?

Came across another grower scheme on facebook. 

  • Passive income Low entry from RM10k onwards 
  • High GUARANTEED yield from 18% - 50% 

My points: 

  • 1. Since the project is so secured, why does the company not source financing from the banks as funding cost is much cheaper than guaranteed yield of 18% - 50% to be paid to investors? 
  • 2. Why does the company set the minimum investment amount so low to target small investors? Why not approach the smart high net worth investors to significantly reduce number of accounts to be managed by the company? 
  • 3. If the scheme is so attractive and lucrative, it would have likely been fully and overly subscribed by super-rich and well-connected VIPs. Does such incredible deal come to commoners like you and me? Does the company really have to advertise in the first place? 
  • 4. Where would there be such a big frog hopping around the street? (邊度會有咁大隻蛤乸隨街跳㗎?) 

From a puzzled amateur investor 

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