Monday 27 August 2012

If Malaysia is safe, why... ?

If Malaysia is safe, why...

1. MCA has called on shoppers to boycott shopping malls that failed to provide adequate safety features to protect its customers? (Source)

2. The Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein made the shocking admission that the focus on crime-busting was “not seen as a need” for the government, until only recently, and.then claimed that the government has “now got the political will right to the top” to fight crime?

3. Tinting manufacturers and distributors report a boom in sales for the polyester films that prevent the car windows from shattering? (Source)

4. More house buyers are "willing" to pay premium and monthly fee for gated and guarded community?

5. Shops and offices lock the doors during operating hours even though this may lead to fewer customers walking into their premises

6. Residents have taken steps to restrict access to their housing estates by setting up guard posts and putting up some form of physical barrier surrounds the boundaries of the housing estates and employing private security services.

7. Are we seeing more vendors selling pepper sprays?

8. More CCTV are installed on the streets?

9. Shops in a housing estate all have metal grilles, which were always closed and that customers had to ask for items from outside and were not allowed to enter the shop? (Source)

10. Robbery of whole ATM machine happens frequently?

11. Developers install 3 point access system to attract buyers?

You may want to read this: Crime statistics: Let the truth be told ― Anonymous Policeman

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