Friday 28 December 2012

Some Key Figures from KLK 2012 Annual Report

Market cap: RM23.5b (end of September 2012)
Revenue: RM10.57b
Net profit: RM1.21b

Total planted area: 212,300ha
Plantable reserves: 23,390ha
Conservation areas: 8,936ha
Building sites, etc: 6,697ha
Group's plantation land bank: 251,325ha

Oil palm age in years:
4 - 9: 55,145ha (28%)
10 - 18: 76,831ha (40%)
19 and above: 22,989ha (12%)
Mature: 154,965ha (80%)
Immature: 38,265ha (20%)
Total: 193,230 (100%)

Rubber age in years:
6 - 10: 2,051 (11%)
11 - 15: 3,677 (19%)
16 - 20: 2,264 (12%)
21 and above: 7,737 (40%)
Mature: 15,729ha (82%)
Immature: 3,341 (18%)
Total: 19,070 (100%)

FFB production: 3,259,342mt
Yield per mature hectare: 21.33mt FFB
Profit per mature hectare: RM7,218 (before replanting expenditure)
Refined palm products: RM3,220/mt ex-refinery
Crude palm oil: RM2,829/mt ex-mill
Palm kernel oil: RM3,295/mt ex-mill
Palm kernel cake: RM286/mt ex-mill
Palm kernels: RM1,580/mt ex-mill
FFB: RM506/mt
Planted area (mature): 152,829ha
Planted area (immature): 39,595ha
Palm products revenue: RM4,487,975,000
Palm products gross profit: RM1,069,504,000
Oil extraction rate: 21.7%

Ex-estate cost of FFB: RM238/mt
Ex-mill CPO cost: RM1,303/mt

Indonesian CPO was traded at a severe discount, ranging from RM400/mt to RM700/mt depending on the location and the rate of export duty for the month.

Trading range for palm kernels during the financial year was approximately between RM1,350/mt to RM2,100/mt

Rubber production:18,997,000kg
Yield per mature hectare: 1,191kg
Profit per mature hectare: RM7,210 (before replanting expenditure)
Average selling price: 1,220 sen/kg (net of cess)

Planted area (mature): 15,957ha
Planted area (immature): 3,623ha

Rubber revenue: RM258,484,000
Rubber gross profit: RM109,340,000

Ex-estate cost RM4.34/kg.

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