Tuesday 4 December 2012

Rubber glove

Total % of healthcare expenditure of country’s GDP
US: 16.2%
UK and major European countries: 10.1%
Brazil: 9.0%
China: 4.6%
India: 4.2%

Powdered latex gloves being the most popular among developing countries whose end-users are more cost-conscious. Powder-free latex and nitrile gloves were preferred by developed countries namely the US and Europe

Top Glove – By August 2013, the factory expansions and new facilities will have increased the Group’s capacity to around 44.8b pieces of gloves

Latex inventory 2 weeks

On average, manpower and energy each makes up about 10% of the cost structure while rubber, the primary raw material for glove production, accounts for the largest portion of some 60% of total cost.

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