Friday 8 November 2013

Process of lease extension for leasehold properties

The applicant (homeowner) will have to submit the following to the state land office:

a) Application form to surrender and re-alienate land to extend lease duration (Borang 12A Permohonan Untuk Menyerahkan Balik Tanah – mengenai kesemua tanah itu)
b) Personal land lease rights (of the applicant) form (Borang Perihal Tanah Peribadi Pemohon)
c) Table 1 – Rule 2 – Land Rights of Malaysian Government (Jadual 1 – Peraturan 2 Kanun Tanah Negara Perintah Tanah Kerajaan)
d) Personal details of the applicant (Borang Butir-Butir Permohonan Tanah Oleh Individu)
e) The original title of the property (Surat Ikatan Hak Milik Asal)
f) Copy of quit rent and assessment receipts for the current year (Salinan cukai tanah and resit cukai taksiran untuk tahun ini)
g) Two copies of NRIC (Dua salinan kad pengenalan)

If the lease has already expired, the applicant needs to submit the Application for Land Re-alienation form (Permohonan Permerimilikan Tanah). The land will then be checked by a settlement officer, who will submit a report to EXCO for approval. Upon approval, the land will need to go through a re-alienation process by the land administrator. If the re-alienation is approved, the Land Office will issue a Notice (Form 5A) to the property owner, that Land Revenue is Due. The owner will then need to pay a premium.

Source: The Sun 08 November 2013

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