Wednesday 30 December 2015

Open Letter to Ahmad Maslan

Dear Ahmad Maslan,

It is not easy to take two jobs, especially in Malaysia.

1. Traffic is too heavy on the road, especially during peak hours. This is aggravated by poor road conditions such as potholes, worn-off pavement surface. The situation is worse whenever there is heavy downpour. Some areas are flooded due to indiscriminate felling of tree for development. These make it difficult for people to rush for part-time jobs in the evening after their main jobs.

2. The Rakyat have limited choice but to own cars due to poor public transport system. Owning a car is quite burdensome for the lower income group. But even owning a car, one may still unable to reach his workplace in time for part-time job, as explained above.

3. Lack of car park space, especially at busy commercial areas could be a deterrent as well.

4. The Rakyat do not feel safe, more so at night. One may be a target when returning home late at night after part-time job. Not only his belongings but his life may be taken away together by robbers, snatch-thieves.

5. Lack of proper covered walkway in the cities makes it difficult for Rakyat to go to workplace. There are interchanges of railway lines still without all-weather protection walkway and seamless links between interchanges.

6. After the recent sharp toll hikes, the toll fare could eat into one’s hard-earned part-time wage. Bad news is that there will be more toll hikes in 2016, unless the government is willing to absorb the rate hikes.

Would you quickly get the government to address the above first so that taking second job is more possible?


One who is desperately looking for second job

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