Wednesday 6 September 2017

Contractor Awarded a Construction Contract Despite Disastrous Safety Track Record

TRC was awarded a sizeable LRT 3 package despite a disastrous record in Kelana Jaya LRT line extension project.

Recall, there were 3 site accidents involving the public in the SINGLE project carried out by TRC.

A motorist was killed and another seriously injured when construction equipment hoisted by a crane fell and crushed two cars in March 2013 (source).

A crane carrying out piling work fell and crushed a car in August 2013 (source).

A male driver and his female passenger were nearly killed when a steel beam fell onto a car in June 2014 (source).

Despite the terrible safety record, the same project owner, Prasarana, still awarded a construction contract to TRC. Is Prasarana forgetful or safety track record does not matter at all?

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