Thursday 24 January 2013

Reit Distributable Income

What is Reit Distributable Income?

The distributable income for each distribution period shall be the realised income for such distribution period being the net income for the distributable period adjusted as deemed necessary by the Manager in the interest of Reit and the unitholders for the following effects which may or may not have been recorded in the profit or loss for the relevant distribution period:

i) the portion of the management fee paid or payable in units
ii) amortisation and other non-cash expenses or gains
iii) valuation gain/loss on investment properties and financial instruments
iv) depreciation or impairment of assets
v) any other entries, provisions, write-offs or adjustments required by the approved accounting standards
vi) expenses/loss which is charged to the profit or loss relating to issuance of new units or expenses that is capital in nature; and
vii) unamortised costs which had been paid and incurred but had not been expensed off to the profit or loss other than those incurred for issuance of units or raising of funds

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