Friday 24 October 2014

Boilerm now the largest company in ACE Market

As of noon break today, Boilerm has taken over YTLE to be the largest ACE listed company with market capitalisation of RM866.88m.

It won't stay as no.1 for long. It will migrate to main board... Big fish in bigger pond soon....

Thursday 23 October 2014

Will the dual-listing of Tan Teng Boo's new global fund happen soon?

The CAGR of his funds since inception are as follows: (NAV): 13.42% (as of 15 October 2014)
icapital Global Fund: 4.29% (as of 30 September 2014)
icapital International Value Fund: 7.79% (as of 30 September 2014)

The proposed dual-listed global fund will be a new fund. (Source)

With the global fund and international fund performing less impressive than, will investors apply for the IPO of the dual-listed global fund, given a considerable discount to the NAV of has persisted for some time despite the fund achieving a reasoanble CAGR of 13.42%?

Will the dual listed fund be fully subscribed?

Will the dual-listing happen soon? It may or may not. I am inclined to think that the later is more likely the case.

It is said free warrants will be given as a sweetener. It will be interesting to see how the warrants narrow the NAV discount of and what entices investors to subscribe to the new dual-listing global fund.

Saturday 18 October 2014

Tay Por Yee and his associates: What they own and their directorship

Tey Por Yee
16.7% in Protasco Bhd (non-independent non-executive director)
24.6% in Nexgram Holdings Bhd (CEO and managing director)
Sold 9.7% in Ire-tex Corp Bhd, ceased to be a major shareholder (Executive director)
4.5% in Wintoni Group Bhd (executive chairman)
5.2% in Malaysia Pacific Corp Bhd (executive director)
29.1% in Asdion Bhd

Ooi Kok Aun
3.7% in Protasco (independent non-executive director)
14.1% in Nexgram
21.1% in Ire-tex  Corp

Na Chiang Seng
18.1% in Asdion (executive director)
Independent non-executive director of Ire-tex Corp

Fu Lit Fung
Independent non-executive director of Nexgram
Independent non-executive director of Wintoni

Soo Tee Wei
Executive director of Wintoni
Independent non-executive director of Ire-tex Corp

Mohd Farid Mohd Yusof
Independent director of Wintoni
Independent non-executive director of Protasco

See Poh Yee
8.9% in Nexgram (executive director)
Independent non-executive director of Asdion

Source: The Edge Weekly 20 October 2014