Saturday 18 October 2014

Tay Por Yee and his associates: What they own and their directorship

Tey Por Yee
16.7% in Protasco Bhd (non-independent non-executive director)
24.6% in Nexgram Holdings Bhd (CEO and managing director)
Sold 9.7% in Ire-tex Corp Bhd, ceased to be a major shareholder (Executive director)
4.5% in Wintoni Group Bhd (executive chairman)
5.2% in Malaysia Pacific Corp Bhd (executive director)
29.1% in Asdion Bhd

Ooi Kok Aun
3.7% in Protasco (independent non-executive director)
14.1% in Nexgram
21.1% in Ire-tex  Corp

Na Chiang Seng
18.1% in Asdion (executive director)
Independent non-executive director of Ire-tex Corp

Fu Lit Fung
Independent non-executive director of Nexgram
Independent non-executive director of Wintoni

Soo Tee Wei
Executive director of Wintoni
Independent non-executive director of Ire-tex Corp

Mohd Farid Mohd Yusof
Independent director of Wintoni
Independent non-executive director of Protasco

See Poh Yee
8.9% in Nexgram (executive director)
Independent non-executive director of Asdion

Source: The Edge Weekly 20 October 2014


  1. The countdown to this week’s Protasco EGM continues, here are some interesting points to ponder for shareholders who may want to consider why Tey Por Yee should be kicked out from Protasco’s board.

    Actually all those who have dealings with the Tey Por Yee syndicate and also the public at large should take note of this cautionary tale.

    Read more here

  2. Tey Por Yee empire is crumbling. For those who read this blog ( please share it if you can.

    This is so the minority shareholders can vote to do the right thing.

  3. Chong Ket Pen lies looks like really crumbling himself. Spam every where also cannot cover up. Past.

  4. Want to know the master of all con Chong Ket Pen, Protasco stolen MD by bad mouth his partners (from Datuk Hasnur, to Tun Daim, then Tey Por Yee and Ooi Kuok Aun), read his staff testimony here

  5. I am angry, not worry, when read these truth about Chong Ket Pen.

    "Just to go back a little Chong Ket Pen had in 2012 crying for investor to save him from eaten by Tun Daim (Chong's own theory he told everyone in JKR) and he cheated investors to buy out Tun Daim Protasco shares to save him, by cheating investors to invest in an oil and gas venture in Indonesian concern PT Anglo Slavic Indonesia (PT ASI) he placed the order to please investors referrals.

    As part of the deal, Chong Ket Pen further cheated investors and owe investors US55million of deal referrals, the same trick he cheated many co workers in JKR, his partner Hasnur and his boss Tun Daim.

    Chong begs and cries and he signed agreement to buy assets owned or referral by investors, hence knowing even if investors own any asset is totally fine to declare publicly, any how its irrelevant. It should be noted that all this while the investors were told to package the order by Chong as origin as Indonesian owned and not to join Protasco board (the innocent investors who listen to Chong's lie) thought they were dealing with sincere honors businessman.

    Chong knowing it's irrelevant if Tey and Ooi buy and sell, or refers any deal, they have no urgency to rush, be it arms length or not. Chong is the one with tight dead line and no time for arms length or so, his only interest or so he was to lead the board to believe was with Protasco benefiting from the deal, and he could cheat the 2 investors to put the money bailing him out. That's all matters to Chong.

    Now back to further cover up by Chong, where he beg investors to find friendly party to help cover his trail in a rush, by borrowing Indonesia public company shares so he could sing a song to his innocent board members. Investors stupidly help him further, and their client's company and name were tarnished when Chong divert attention by putting the blame on hands who helped him.

    The two investors were made up and defamed by Chong fabrication of lies and allegations to divert the attention to them, covering up his mistakes.

    As dirty as one could be, syndicates were hired to spam the Internet and post lies on media, and leaflets. Such as links trail back to this message board.

    Beware of spammer syndicate hired by Chong Ket Pen to cover up his mistakes by putting a blame to his victims. This is not Chong first time he put blame on others - from many of his co workers in JKR, later his partner Hasnur, and his boss Tun Daim, and latest his two investors Tey and Ooi.

    Chong own cover up in siphoning public money with cronies in public services is ill sickening. Public should know the truth.

    Just to keep the balance, few interesting facts contributed from his old co workers public should know:

    by CleanUpChongSyndicate