Friday 27 September 2013


Founded in 1983, Weida was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia since 2001. Unbroken profit record since listing

4 core businesses
i) manufacturing of polyethylene-based building materials
ii) Environmental engineering services
iii) construction of telecommunication infrastructure, environment and building works
iv) property development

Manufacturing of polyethylene-based building materials
Weida remained the market leader in Malaysia, with a dominant position in East Malaysia.
5 manufacturing plants i Malaysia located in Nilai, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Miri and Tawau, plus 1 in Manila

120,000 m2 of manufacturing facilities

High barrier of entry. Substantial capital investment, intensive research and development programmes and specialist technological expertise developed in-house over the years

Advantage of polyethylene - corrosion resistant, durable, leakage-proof, lightweight, hygienic and weather resistant

Environmental Engineering Services
Currently engaged in the management, operations and maintenance of 3 septic sludge treatment plants, one each in Kuching, Sibu and Miri.

Property Development

Urbana Residences at Ara Damansara
356 units of service apartment
Leasehold land
GDV RM231m
GDC RM185m (JV entitlement RM35m, land related cost nil, construction and development expenditure RM131m, tax and financing cost RM19m)
land area 9966m2
Expected to commence in 4Q13 and complete in 2016
Land cost 15% of GDV or minimum RM30m

Mont' Kiara
GDV RM330m
GDC RM264m (JV entitlement RM50m, land related cost RM10m, construction and development expenditure RM175m, tax and financing cost RM29m)
15% GDV or minimum RM32m

Effective from 1 April 2012, the financial statements of the Weida Group have been prepared in accordance with IFRIC whereby revenue from sale of properties can only be recognised when ownership of the properties sold are transferred to purchasers upon issuance of the completion certificates or occupation permits.

Material portion of its profits and free cash flows comes from fixed and recurring income arising from long term contracts - fixed rental income arising from telecommunication towers built by the group and licensed to telecommunication companies on a long term basis; and fixed income arising from the management, operations and maintenance of 3 septic sludge treatment plants on a long term contracts and extending coverage to 3 more councils with a total population of 300,000

Treasury shares: 4.829%

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