Thursday 23 August 2012

Sam - Theoretical Ex-Price

Sam Engineering & Equipment - Calculation of theoretical ex-price

Mother share cum price: RM3.44

Issuance of ICULS on the basis of 2,588 of RM1.00 nominal value each for every 1,000 existing ordinary shares.

Purchase consideration RM1.00/ ICULS (at 100% of ICULS nominal value)

Conversion price: Conversion price of the ICULS is at RM2.10 nominal amount of the ICULS for every one SAM Malaysia Share

A way to work out the ex-theoretical price
= Total investment / total number of shares owned after conversion

= (3.34 + 2.588)/ (1 + 2.588/2.1)
= 2.655
= 2.655 (rounded off)

See also theoretical ex-all price for MBM Resources Berhad

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